Student Testimonials

“I have taken many golf lessons in my life and can say that Renee has had more impact on my game than any other instructor I have come in contact with. I would highly recommend Renee. ”
- Jon Batchelor

“The lessons I had with Renee were the best and I truly mean it. You are kind, patient, encouraging and more.”
- Francoise

“I'm a father of 4 boys, ages 18,16,10,6, and of course and an avid golfer myself. About 5 years ago I began looking for someone to teach my kids the fundamentals of the game and 2 years ago I finally found Renee. I'm truly happy, she is an amazing teacher to my kids. She has taught them with patience. She teaches in a manner that I have to take my hat off to her. I hope my kids continue to have the privilege to be taught by someone with her skills and tenderness.”
-Rene Brillembourg

“I just wanted to say, thank you, for all your help getting my golf game back on track after my foot surgery. Thanks to you I am back to hitting the ball straight. My short game has also come around thank to the drills you showed me. I look forward to playing with you again soon and working on my course management. Thanks you for making golf fun again.”
-Rafael Lorie

“Renee is a teacher who pays meticulous attention to her student's talents and addresses both strengths and weaknesses with exceptional knowledge, with great care and charm.”
-Helen Glass

“Renee is a teacher with a great ability to bond with her clients. She makes you feel like she is there with you in all aspects of the game. Renee also has a passion for learning and bettering herself in all aspects of coaching. This best shows up with her approach to the swing as it relates to the human body's ability to move properly. It is this continued drive for success that makes her a top instructor in my book.”
-Lance Gil, Titleist Performance Institute

“I had been struggling with this game for years. Renee assured me during my first lesson that I could play golf with a few minor changes. She was right. Following her instructions I hit the ball so much farther than before. She has given me the tools to play the game, I just have to be sure to apply them when I play. AND Renee is accessible for any questions between lessons. She is the best!”
-Lamar Noriega


Thank you for introducing Andrea to golf and for helping us choose the right set of golf clubs for her. She looks forward to each lesson. You make it challenging and fun!


- Marie and Andrea Guma Diaz

PGA Professional